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Reminders - Mail, email and SMS

Dandenong Veterinary Hospital keeps you up to date with what is due via various reminders. We are now sending more email reminders to reduce the amount of paper we consume and our carbon footprint, so please make sure we have your current email address.

Reminders via email and/or mail:

  • Annual checkup and vaccination
  • Annual proheart SR12
  • Arthritis injection (zydax)
  • Senior wellness examinations
  • Blood or Urine monitoring test due
  • Desexing age reached
  • Senior age approaching, don't forget pet insurance

Reminders via email only

  • Worming reminders - every 3 months

Reminders via SMS

  • Remiders sent for all appointments, surgery/procedure, groomings or puppy preschool booked the following day, with the time booked
  • Weight check or dental check due (sent by the the Veterinarian usually as a follow up after consultation)


If you would like to be signed up to any of these reminders, such as the email worming reminder, please give us a call on 9792 4787. Most reminders are pre-set at the time of consultation, but for new pets we may not know when their last vaccination was completed, so please let us know and we can schedule their reminder for you. This will mean there is no need for you to worry about having to remember when they are due.

Once again, if we do not have your current email address on file, please call to let us know.





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