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We live in a wonderful era for pet care. The progress of veterinary medicine has seen dramatic improvements in the care we can provide. Hence pets are living longer and happier lives. At the Dandenong Veterinary Hospital we focus on Preventative Healthcare so that you can enjoy many more happy years with your pets.

A Preventative Health Care plan should begin as soon as you purchase your new pet. We provide a free New Pet Check to help start you and your pet on the right path. We even offer a Preventative Health Care Guarantee!

The primary care plan should include Annual Health Assessments and Vaccination, Intestinal Worming, Heartworm, Flea Control, Nutrition and Dental Care.

You also need to consider Microchipping (if not already done), and Desexing.

Some patients, including senior pets >7 years old, are recommended to have twice yearly Wellness Assessments.
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