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Preventative Healthcare Promise

Our confidence in the advice we provide and the quality of the products we use, led us to develop a unique and exciting Promise, with you and your pets foremost in our minds.

Our Promise provides for either refund of money or treatment at no further cost to you, our valued client, provided you follow our recommendations for these services and products.

Puppies and kittens need to be vaccinated with appropriate vaccinations - the first at 6-8 weeks of age, second at 10-12 weeks for puppies and 12-14 weeks for kittens, and their final third vaccination a month after the second (14 -18 weeks of age). With adult dogs and cats, they need a twice-for-life physical examination and vaccination.

It is essential that all the dogs and cats in the household be vaccinated annually. We use some 3 yearly vaccinations for dogs, but they will still require their canine cough (kennel cough) components annually.
Our Promise will commence two weeks after the 3rd vaccination with young pets, provided they have had the last vaccination with us.

With adult pets, the Promise will commence two weeks after their first vaccination with us.
This Promise will continue for the pet's whole life, provided we administer a vaccination booster every 12 months.

Should your pet fall ill to one of the diseases it has been vaccinated against during the Promise period, we will undertake to treat the disease free of charge. This Promise does not apply to FIV in cats.


Fleas can be a great nuisance to both you and your pet. They are very common in the general environment, and so we cannot promise that your pet will not come into contact with them.
We can however greatly improve flea control by the use of specific monthly products. These products are effective, reliable and safe in killing and/or preventing further breeding of fleas. If there is still a flea problem after you have followed our advice and completed a full six month course of our recommended product on every pet in your household, we will treat your pet at no further cost to you for three months.

Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of pet care and we recommend Royal Canin and other premium brands. We are so convinced of the quality and value of the foods we know you will see a healthier pet with improved skin and vitality. We unconditionally Promise to refund your money should your pet refuse to eat it.

Dogs need to start the yearly heartworm prevention injection at six month at the latest, or monthly heartworm prevention medication by four months. Older pets require a blood test to confirm they are negative prior to commencement of heartworm medication. All dogs need to be maintained on yearly (or monthly) medication. Should your dog develop heartworm after remaining strictly on the recommended preventative program, we will treat your dog to eliminate the heartworm at no further cost to you.

We unconditionally promise that any pet properly treated with our complete wormer tablets in accordance with our instructions (every three months for an adult pet) is hereby assured a free treatment should a worm problem occur.

Your pet's skin is exposed to many harsh environmental influences which can cause a range of problems and diseases. Regular grooming care and proper coat conditioning are ways to protect the skin from these disorders.

Please discuss the skin care needs of your pet with our staff. Should you not be totally satisfied with the quality and effectiveness of the products we recommend for skin care of healthy pets, we will happily refund your money for the unused portion.

We offer a range of leads, collars, grooming equipment and other pet care products.
We are pleased to provide a satisfaction Promise, or your money back, in respect of normal use, for our entire pet accessory range for a period of three months from the date of purchase.

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