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Post Surgical Information

At completion of all surgeries we supply both written and verbal instructions for post-operative care. The basic instructions are as follows:

  • Animals should be kept quiet and warm the night after surgery. The after effects of anaesthesia may persist for a couple of days.
  • Your pet should be offered only a small meal in the evening after the anaesthetic, and have access to water. 
  • Most animals now have sutures within the skin (dissolvable) so they are not visible on the outside. We still require a visit 10-14 days after surgery to check on the wound to assess healing and ensure there is not infection or complications. Please check any surgical wound regularly.  Please contact us immediately if you observe redness, swelling, or any discharge. 
  • Some animals may bite or chew their sutures. Elizabethan collar (or bucket) may be purchased to prevent this. Collars are compulsory following certain procedures.
  • If your pet has a bandage it must be kept dry and clean.  Tie a plastic bag over leg bandages for outdoor toilet breaks, but remove when your pet is inside again.  Please contact us if you notice any swelling above or below the bandage, a foul smell or wetness. 
  • Pets must be restricted from any excessive activity to allow wound healing and avoid a build up of fluid under the skin.  We will advise you of the length time your pet will need to be restricted.

All medications dispensed following surgery have written instructions and we will also discuss them with you as you leave the hospital. Any important side effects will be discussed. Side effects can occur with any medications, some more commonly. If your pet is unwell following surgery or you are concerned for any reason please call us on 9792 4787 or bring them in for a revisit appointment.

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