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The front reception desk


This is our reception area. Make sure you say 'hello' to our two turtles in the black tank next to the food stand - Hurtle and Miss-Shell love attention!


This is our waiting area and information area, and is the place to relax and learn some important and interesting information about our current topic of the month


Our Puppy Pre-School room - a secure room where puppies can learn and play. This room is also our seasonal information station to keep you up to date with what is important every season.



One of our examination rooms


Our pathology area. We have our own in-house blood machines, a microscope, different stains and various laboratory equipment to allow us to rapidly examine various samples including blood/tissue/fluid/urine/faecal samples.


Our dedicated surgical theatre room with our state of the art anaethetic and monitoring system. This allows nurses to monitor your pets heart rate, electrical heart rhythm, respiration rate, carbon dioxide levels and the amount of oxygen in your pet's bloodstream, leading to a more closely monitored and safer general anaesthetic.


Our 'Day Stay' room where those pets coming in for surgery or grooming spend their time


Our radiology (Xray) area

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