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The loss of a much loved family pet can be a very difficult time for many people. Animals often share a special bond with owners and are considered very important family members. Animals however age more quickly than we do – at an average rate of seven years to our one, which means they enter senior years much sooner than we would like. Making the decision to have animal put to sleep is often very difficult, but is made with the animal’s wellbeing in mind and can avoid them undergoing any unnecessary suffering. Sometimes animals can pass away suddenly due to unexpected illness or accident, and this can be particularly upsetting as there is often little or no warning.

If you have recently lost a much loved companion animal, then you may benefit from getting in touch with the “Companion Animal Loss Support Group”. This group is a monthly support group with the aim to:

  • Share stories and experiences;
  • Support and encourage each other;
  • Feel understood;
  • Share how to cope at difficult times.

The group is a joint initiative of the RSPCA (Vic) and the Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement. For further information, call the Bereavement Counseling Service on (03) 9265 2111


Pamela Adams (author of ‘Angels Who Came with Fur & Four Paws’) also offers grief counseling services – see www.soulcompanions.com for more information.


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