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    Globe and Airplane

Is your pet departing Australia for foreign shores? Are they leaving for a holiday, a special show or permanent emigration? If you intend to export your pet(s) overseas, then there are a number of requirements that have to be fulfilled before your pet can leave Australia.

Dandenong Veterinary Hospital currently has THREE veterinarians that are fully certified with AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service). Please note that only an AQIS accredited veterinarian is able to provide the certification required for companion animal export.

For some very useful advice and a summary of the export process, we have created a handout to assist you. Please download it here: International Pet Travel Handout.

Our AQIS accredited veterinarians are :
Dr Darren Shortt

Dr Jessica Morse

Dr Maureen Anderson

We perform Export Examinations and documentation for companion animals (such as dogs, cats, rabbits etc) that are travelling overseas. Depending upon the destination, there are specified requirements that an animal must fulfil before it is allowed to enter the destination country. These may include various tests, vaccination and microchipping requirements. You will need to speak to one of our AQIS accredited veterinarians to find out the requirements for entry into a specified destination country.

Please call us on 9792 4787 to leave your details with us and one of our AQIS accredited veterinarians will contact you.

When you call, please have the following information ready:
  • Your full name and contact number(s)

  • Your destination country

  • The species of animal that requires certification (dog, cat)

  • The number of animal(s) that require certification

  • The age of each animal that requires certification

  • Estimated date of departure

You can also go to the AQIS website to view the import requirements for a destination country. Go to MICoR.

Once our veterinarian has determined the necessary requirements for your destination country, we will call you to advise you of these requirements and we can then make an appointment for you and your pet(s).
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