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There is a lot of information for us to eventually place on this page, but in the interim, there are a few useful pieces of information for a select few species. Here follows some small bites of information until we can "fatten-up" this section of the website!


Rabbits & Guinea Pigs

The two most CRITICAL areas of animal health for herbivores is HUSBANDRY and NUTRITION. If you get these right, then you will likely have minimal health problems throughout the life of those pets. Specialised herbivore nutrition is difficult to find in Australia, so we stock a range of premium quality rabbit-specific and guinea pig-specific foods. The Oxbow Animal Health range is imported because it is one of only a few foods that ultimately concentrate on the dietary needs of a herbivore. We have a fantastic brochure for you to download with important herbivore nutritional information. All rabbit and Guinea Pig owners must read this.

  Oxbow Animal Health Rabbit Nutrition  
  Oxbow Animal Health Guinea Pig Nutrition  
  Oxbow Critical Care Food - Herbivores  


  Fish Care Information (Aquarium Industries website)  
  Fish School (Aquarium Industries website) Educate yourself in fish care with these modules
See also our Links section for further exotic animal care notes
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