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We recognise that your pets fulfill a special place in the family, and their ongoing wellbeing is our greatest concern. To demonstrate our absolute commitment to this belief, we provide a Preventative Healthcare Promise.

Our confidence in the advice we provide and the quality of the products we use, led us to develop this unique and exciting Promise, with you and your pets foremost in our minds.
For more information on our Preventative Healthcare Promise,click here

Nurture Care Program

Optimum preventative health starts at a young age and continues throughout life. Our Nurture Care Program is automatically activated when you first visit with your new puppy or kitten and brings together the numerous services that Dandenong Veterinary Hospital offers during these exciting growth and developmental stages, from their first veterinary examination until their 18-month old milestone.

In your pet's first 18-months of veterinary healthcare, our Nurture Care Program saves you over $350 for pups and over $250 for kittens. Call us for more information, 9792 4787.


Three-year vaccine for dogs

Whilst the cough and flu vaccine is still required annually, Dandenong Veterinary Hospital uses a longer duration of immunity vaccine for parvovirus, distemper and hepatitis (C3). Read more.


Canine Antibody Testing

Dandenong Veterinary Hospital customises the preventative health care for our patients, and this now can involve the use of antibody level testing in place of some C3 vaccines, for some patients. This blood testing process can eliminate the use of unnecessary booster vaccines, and, better yet, the test demonstrates your dog's ability to develop protective immunity, something that re-vaccination does not provide.

Talk to us for further information.

Did you know we are open 7 days, with Saturdays and Sundays until 5:00pm?


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